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The essential tools to maintain your car

We can’t say it enough, the maintenance of your car is essential to allow it to last a long time. Indeed, a vehicle subjected to regular maintenance will provide better performance, will run longer, and will have more value at the time of resale.

Know that you do not always have to go to a garage to maintain your car. You can do it at home with some dedicated tools. Why is it important to maintain your car? What are the essential tools for good maintenance? Find in this article a list of the tools you absolutely need to properly maintain your vehicle.

Why is it important to maintain your car?

The best tip to keep your vehicle as long as possible is to maintain it well. Not only does it extend its life, but it also allows you to quickly detect certain problems in order to avoid major damage.

Extend the life of your car

If you want to use your machine for a long time, without constantly going to car garages for breakdowns, we recommend that you maintain your car properly.

Maintenance takes into account both the interior and exterior of the automobile. Cleaning the exterior removes accumulated dirt, and always gives your machine a shiny and attractive appearance.

As for the maintenance of the interior, it consists in checking if certain elements such as the engine are in good condition. For better maintenance of the interior of your vehicle, refer to the manufacturer’s instructions. All this care will extend the life of your car.

Detect certain failures early

Regular maintenance also makes it possible to detect any anomalies in your car. As a result, you can take all the necessary measures so that these small breakdowns do not worsen.

This will save you money because we all know how often big car breakdowns can take a lot of money to fix. To do this, you need to carry out regular checks in a garage or, failing that, do the maintenance at home with certain specific tools.

Essential tools for car maintenance

Before talking about the tools necessary for the maintenance of the automobile, the driver must first of all have a tool box. It is in this container that he will put all the essential tools for the maintenance of his car.

The tool box

The tool box is a container in which all car tools are placed. This box has the advantage of being mobile. You can therefore transport it in your vehicle at any time. There are several types of tool boxes. Some are plastic or metal, and in all sizes.

Opt for a box capable of containing all your tools and that you will not have trouble transporting. There are also tool boxes with wheels, or without wheels depending on your preferences. We recommend that you choose a sturdy crate with enough compartments for convenience . Once the crate is chosen, we can now move on to the tools.

Set of wrenches and sockets

These elements are essential in all tool boxes. This is the very basis for properly maintaining your car. Indeed, it happens that some parts loosen. With your keys and sockets, the problem is quickly solved. This will save you from wasting time and money in a garage.

We recommend that you have socket wrenches from 6 to 24 mm and of different sizes in your case . Ratchets will also come in handy, as they are more convenient.

Also consider having counter-cubits so you can easily reach hard-to-reach places . When it comes to sockets, opt for a set of different sizes. But generally speaking, the 4 to 32 mm models will allow you to solve most problems.

Your toolbox won’t do its job properly without a screwdriver. This tool is very important to maintain your vehicle. It can even be used for other purposes other than vehicle maintenance. In a car, there are different shapes and sizes of screws.

For more flexibility, we recommend that you have screwdrivers of different shapes in your case. This will allow you to intervene in front of any screw. When it comes to sizes, consider choosing screwdrivers from size 10 to size 50 .

Pliers and wire cutters

With the many electronic parts linked together by cables contained in vehicles, you will no doubt need pliers and wire cutters to replace them in the event of failure. To do this, your toolbox must be equipped with at least one water pump pliers and one universal pliers . These two types of clamps are essential for a good checkout.

For more efficient maintenance, you can also have side cutters and vice grips. These tools can also be useful for the installation of various items. Also, we recommend always making sure the power is off before cutting a wire.

work lamp

The work light is useful so that you can clearly see all the parts of your vehicle as well as what is happening underneath. Rest assured, the work light is important day and night. Some people are used to using torch or phone flash which is not enough. Indeed, the lighting of the phone is not very powerful, and you can make mistakes. It would therefore be ideal to have a work lamp in your toolbox.

The air compressor

Your tire can deflate at any time, sometimes even while driving. However, you know that it is very dangerous to drive with deflated tires. The air compressor allows you to inflate your tires as soon as necessary. This tool is very practical and allows you to hit the road with complete peace of mind.

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