In the 21st century , crossing a border has become a harmless act. Thanks to the democratization of means of transport, but also following the abolition of borders within the European Union. But what about the rental car, is it that easy? This sector lives with the times, yes, it is almost as easy to cross a border with a vehicle rental as with your own car.

cross the border by rental car

Today, we invite you to discover how trips abroad with a rented vehicle are managed by rental companies . But also to find out specifically what is possible at Sixt when you want to cross borders with your rental car.

Do you want to go on holiday in Europe this summer? Discover the latest news regarding the reopening of borders in Europe. France has decided to open its European borders on June 15, like most of its neighbors, and on July 1 outside the EU. If the situation is stabilized, it will be possible to travel to the following countries, which have also decided their own border opening measures, on the following dates:

Border ctols will be lifted between France and Germany from June 15 on the French side, but only from June 16 on the other side of the Rhine.

It will also be possible to cross the Belgian border from June 15 , since the country has also decided to lift the restrictins on its borders within the European Union.

Italy has reopened its borders since June 3 to EU countries.

It is very often allowd to cross the borders of the country in which you have rented a car, although of course this depends on the renter . Three scenarios are possible:

It is forbidden, whatever the country of destination

It is authorized in some countries, subject to authorization and payment of a supplement

It’s allowed in some countries, for free

Authorization to cross borders with your vehicle may also depend on the category or brand of vehicle. Anyway, you will just have to check the general rental conditions in order to know what is possible or not. Also be aware that the countries you can travel to depend on the country of rental . For example, if you rent a car in Germany you may not be able to drive to Croatia, but if you rent it in Slovenia it may be allowed.

Depending on the Sixt rental country, you may face one of the 3 scenarios listed above. In the European Union, Sixt authorizes, subject to conditions, trips abroad with your rental vehicle . Territorial restrictions vary by country of rental.

Outside the EU, journeys abroad may be subject to obtaining a written agreement from Sixt, as well as the payment of a supplement. Or be simply prohibited . You can discover all the terms country by countryby clicking on this link, then selecting from the drop-down menu the country of rental as well as the type of vehicle you plan to rent. You will then find all the useful and up-to-date information in the section “Travel abroad and territorial restrictions” . Please note: the information provided below is for information only, it is valid as of February 19, 2019 .

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